Detailed Guide: How To Choose Right Basketball

Detailed Guide: How To Choose Right Basketball

If you are a basketball player, you would definitely be aware of how much the ball quality matters in this game. But what does the quality of the ball mean when all the balls look the same.

Well, most people are unaware that the basketballs used by professional players are completely different from the ones we use in our sports galas or daily games.

But worry not! Considering the technical elements, you can buy a professional quality basketball from the market. Here is a complete guide to choosing the supreme quality basketball you need to rule the court.

So, if you are interested to find out, read the points given below!

· Basketball Size

The size of the basketball plays a significant role in the player's technique. Different factors determine the size of the ball, like the player's age, league, skills level, and gender. Four different sized basketballs are used as standard that are 25.5", 27.5", 28.5", and 29.5" perimeter.

25.5-inches Basketball: 25.5" basketball is also known as size 4. This ball is ideal for kids of 4-8 years. The weight of this size is about 0.39 kg.

27.5 inches Basketball: It's also called size five basketball. This basketball is used by 8 to 12 years old players. This size, 0.39-0.45 kg, is ideal for the youth league.

28.5-inches Basketball: It's a size six basketball. This standard size is for school, college, and professional women's leagues. This size weight is around 0.59 kg.

29.5-inches Basketball: Its size seven is a standard size for 12+ years, male leagues. The weight of these balls is around 0.62 kg.

· Basketball Material

The next feature to consider is the material of basketball. Basketball material determines its bouncing and how much energy the ball will absorb. Usually, the basketballs are made of synthetic and pure leather or rubber.

The original leather is the most commonly used and standard material in professional leagues. This material is soft and amazingly comfortable with excellent bouncing ability. However, the rubber balls are cheaper, solid, and long-lasting for regular games.

· Basketball Color

When it comes to the color of basketballs, there are no specific rules of basketball associations. However, orange is the most commonly used basketball color, and many people think it's standard.

When choosing the basketball color, you should pick a color that is bright and visible to everyone. Different color combinations and patterns are available for various light intensities and the customer's preference.

Where to Order Custom Basketballs?

The market is flooded with a range of basketballs of various sizes, colors, quality, materials, and prices. So, why are customized basketballs needed?

Well, there are many teams and leagues which prefer custom basketballs with their specific logos or designs. If that's the case, then the next question is where to get your ideal basketball. brings countless basketball options along with the choice of customization. At Alibaba, you'll get complete information about the world's best basketball manufacturers with samples of their balls. So, you can check the quality of their ball or contact the suppliers and manufacturers directly to place an order for a custom basketball.

Wrap Up!

If you are a technical player or you want to join the national basketball league, pick the right basketball to improve your skills and make your way to the court. Hopefully, this article has already cleared all your questions about quality basketballs.

So, check the Alibaba basketballs collection and place your order now!